Shin Angel – Ep.4


It’s hard to be a playboy. You can’t get enough girls. The line to your bed is longer than to McDonald’s. Carelessly sprawled out on your bed, you languidly choose who to make happy tonight. But why choose? Girls, come to me! I’m yours! And then, in the sweetest moment of your 100,000th orgasm, you wake up. Bummer. All that remains is a suspicious wet stain on the wide family panties. Back in reality, you stomp dejectedly to school, reincarnating into the usual image of the average Japanese schoolboy. And the clouded brain continues to perceive the opposite sex maximum in underwear. Any curves that violate the straightness of the female body line give a powerful charge of hormones, forcing you to plunge into reveries of unrealizable fantasies. And all means are good for a brief moment of seeing intimate details of girls. The mirrors on the shoes and cameras with a decent lens, not missing a single detail of the soccer support team practice. And what a low start for the track and field athletes with a glorious view of exposed breasts. The long metal staircases that allow you to really appreciate the variety of colors and designs of women’s panties from below. I am not even talking about the locker room, which is a paradise on earth for the entire male half of mankind. Aren’t they familiar techniques for reducing sexual illiteracy in young men? This is exactly how the daily life of Keisuke Atami, the protagonist of the hentai series New Angel and his friend, classmate Shinojama, went. But this, you understand, is only the beginning.