Boku ni Sexfriend ga Dekita Riyuu Episode 6


If you draw a virgin thing, from the No. 1 doujin circle “Airu Airu”, the polite psychological description of the virgin and the lewd SEX with the married woman stand out “The reason why I was able to have a sex friend ~ A married woman with an easy delivery type ~” is finally animated! A virgin student who started living alone takes courage and picks up a married woman who always passes by and succeeds in bringing her home. However, if the virgin suddenly couldn’t push down the woman and was fidgeting, the married woman, Ai, actively seduced the virgin… staff Original: “The reason why I was able to have a sex friend-Married woman with an easy delivery type” (Air Airu)/Planning: If the Iwo-or-/Character draft: Airu/Director: Raikaken/Picture Conte: Sagari Glasses/Screenplay: Special Zone 03/Production: T-REX